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Why does Bruce Rauner want to be Scott Walker?

After winning the Governor’s seat in Wisconsin in 2010, Republican Scott Walker, with the support of the Republican Wisconsin legislature, comprehensively ripped up union contracts and cut pay for workers in Wisconsin. Despite massive street protests in February 2011, an occupied capitol building in Madison and Democratic legislators fleeing the state to Illinois, Walker pushed through his cut worker rights agenda.

Illinois’ Republican Governor candidate, Bruce Rauner, points to Walker as his role model. Will Rauner do to Illinois workers...

2013 Labor Day Parade photos

Here is a flickr file of 2013 Bloomington Labor Day Parade photos.
2013 Labor Day Parade photos

Workplace questions? Ask Dave.

Who we are....

The Bloomington & Normal Trades & Labor Assembly (AFL-CIO) is the central labor council for 31 AFL-CIO-affiliated unions in McLean County. Elected delegates from each affiliated local union meet monthly to discuss common issues of concern.

Activities we work on during the year include....

Paul Penn a "History Maker"

On June 14, 2012 the McLean County Historical Society held its first “History Makers” dinner at Illinois State University. That night civil rights pioneer, the late Caribel Washington, former county board chair Nancy Froelich and Laborers Local 362’s Paul Penn will be the honored “History Makers.”

Emerging from a rough Depression childhood through World War II service, Paul Penn emerged...

Voter registration 2014 Labor Day Parade theme

With a theme of "Follow In Their Footsteps - Register & Vote," the 2014 Bloomington Labor Day Parade will march from downtown Bloomington to Miller Park at 10 a.m. on Labor Day, Monday, September 1. The parade features....

How to "read" e-mail and the internet

The internet and e-mail can be a wonderful thing, but they also bring some strange things inside our homes.

Suddenly you are a multi-millionaire, if only you will give a Siberian or a Nigerian your bank account; a friend is stranded in London (Madrid, Paris, take your pick) with their passport and wallet stolen, send money now! Your e-mail account, bank account, credit card will be shut down in 24 hours if you don’t send your bank account information now!